Karel and Ralph, WA

After losing our beautiful Beagle Louie to a brain tumour, our dear old Rotti x, Jewely, was beside herself so I started checking online for older Beagles and came across Floyd on Gumtree. I had an instant connection. My husband didn’t want another dog as the pain from losing Louie was still very raw, so I had to pass on Floyd.

Ralph. Photo: Karel.

Ralph. Photo: Karel.

A few months later, we were ready to give Jewely some company and came across a rescue Facebook post on Ralph. He had not had a great life and was from the country, pretty much left to his own devices, killing chickens to survive.

After our initial meet and greet, our love was instant. Ralph fit into our family like a glove! As his beautiful rescuer was leaving, she whispered to me, “Ralph is not really his name, but we thought he needed a fresh start. It’s really Floyd.” All the hair on my body stood up. Some things are just meant to be. He had waited for us!

It took Ralph a while to accept the affection shown to him. I love to hold his paw as he sleeps next to me at night.  He also became a wonderful companion to Jewely. He is gentle and mostly well behaved!

I think Ralph is still pinching himself. He came from being outside all the time with no shelter and not enough food to eat, to now having plenty of healthy food to eat and fresh water to drink, sleeping on my bed and wearing pyjamas in winter when it’s cold, going in the car on holidays, seeing the vet when sick or having lumps removed. He has a big beautiful yard and a big oval out the front for walks.

Message to Rescue

I cannot thank all the rescue groups enough. I support and follow many rescue groups here in Perth and overseas. Thank God my husband doesn’t know how to check our bank account! Rescuers are such a selfless, amazing breed of human. One Powerball and I’ll save them all.

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