Joanna and Merlin & Daisy, VIC

Merlin and Daisy are eight years old. I adopted them together from a rabbit sanctuary when they were about eight months old. I’ve always had bunnies in the UK and wanted to help out the charity by giving these little guys a loving home.

Merlin & Daisy enjoy their enclosure. Photo: Joanna

Merlin & Daisy enjoy their enclosure. Photo: Joanna

I don’t know about their history, but they’ve got a pretty good life now. They live in a specially made, mosquito-proof aviary/enclosure with tunnels, a sand pit and a carpeted dog kennel amongst other things.

Merlin and Daisy are such beautiful creatures, so calming and relaxing to be around. They are also very affectionate with each other and boss each other around when it comes to having first dibs on the food! Their favourite food is fresh coriander or parsley.

I enjoy watching them munch on their hay, dig in their sand pit and generally being happy. Merlin is very gentle and loves having a cuddle. Daisy is not so keen on being picked up but is very sweet-natured and eats anything!

When Daisy was rescued, she was quite timid and would be very difficult to catch and handle, but she is much better now … to the point where she recently strained a muscle in her shoulder and had her left front leg hanging limp. The vet prescribed an oral liquid anti-inflammatory which had to be administered daily. Daisy was very co-operative with having the syringe put in her mouth every night. Even though you could tell she wasn’t enjoying it!

Message to Rescue

You are angels.



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