Jo, Wol, Izzy, Spud and Daisy, NSW

Spud, Izzy (Isadora) and Daisy are all rescue bunnies who came into our lives to teach us important lessons about love and acceptance.

My partner Wol and I had only just moved to the South Coast with our chooks and our litter of baby bunnies when we rescued Daisy first. My daughter found her on a footpath and learned the owner moved away, leaving her behind. Sadly, Daisy came to us with lumps throughout her body and died from cancer nine months later.

She was a huge, gentle and placid rabbit who gave us many gifts, one of which was the instructions to a story! Yes, rabbits are magical creatures, did you not know? Well, at least our Daisy was.

Spud, Izzy (Isadora) and Daisy Collage

Spud, Izzy (Isadora) and Daisy Collage

The loss of Daisy was felt very strongly in our home. Soon after, my daughter found Izzy and Spud on a rescue website. Spud (age 2) was a year older than Izzy and were paired when Izzy was a baby. I soon learned that Spud was a caring, loving bunny as he groomed and watched over his girlfriend even though she was twice the size of him! Spud was also a character! He loved music and would come running whenever I pumped out songs through the speakers or when Wol played the guitar.  If you laid down on the floor Spud would groom you!

I especially loved how Spud would fly up the steps every afternoon after a visit to the garden and I would call “Ready, Set, Go!” and cheer him on with a “Go Spuddy Go!” He would jump so high I swear he was airborne, and then wait proudly at the top of the stairs for me to catch up and I would tell him what a clever boy he was!

Sadly, Spud had serious teeth problems which led to several operations and eventually his death this year, despite all we did to save him.  Spud taught me how to hold space when someone is transitioning from this life. How to expand in love and gratitude, so they can move on in a peaceful way. I love him so much, that little floppy eared, bum bouffant, old soul boy. His passing was also a gift, a celebration of his cut-too-short life, a teaching in how to be present in the moment, how to open always to love.

Izzy is doing ok keeping amused by our six other bunnies. Digging potential burrows in the garden and keeping the newest recruit, Storm, in line. I call her my ‘lil dumpling’ and we laugh and say, “if she were a Spice Girl, she’d be Baby Spice!”

Message to Rescue

Thank you to all those beautiful people out there who work so tirelessly to look after those precious souls that don’t have a voice in our world. All the animals that are lost, mistreated or are facing extinction or loss of habitat. What inspiring, caring humans you are.

May we all awaken to see that this world is a shared world and to honour every sentient being with love and respect.



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