Emlyn and Ruby, NSW

I was asked to foster Ruby after my first foster hound Benson was adopted. Ruby had the ignominious tag of another possibly difficult hound – separation distress leading to wondrous escapes!  After meeting Ruby for the first time I said to my mum on the phone, “It’s ok Mum: she’s pretty weird looking. I don’t think I’ll get attached to this one. They said I only have to keep her a few weeks.” HA!

Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018

Emlyn and Ruby. Photo: Emlyn

I decided to adopt her because she was pretty needy and after three failed potential adoptions and months of having her hang at my place, I figured if I’d made it work for that long I could just keep making it work. I’d fallen in love. The last adoption appointment I took her to I was crying the whole way up there. I was explaining to her ‘they’ve got two little boys – you’ll love them – waaaah!’   Ruby is a cheeky, divine, perfectly imperfect hound – super loyal and loving.

I’ve been working from home since 2012 and (before I had a dog in my life) days would fly past and I’d realise I hadn’t stepped foot outside: there had been no necessity to. Now, I’m forced to leave my work and take Ruby for a walk at least twice a day.  Ruby’s helped connect me with my local community and a vibrant close-knit group of local dog folk; some of whom have become good friends and colleagues.

Ruby is much more relaxed and happy now than when I first took her on. She has a job – my office manager – for which she gets paid in many pats and belly rubs; a yummy meal twice a day and at least that many walks daily. She also has four beds, including two of her own, the sofa and my bed.

Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018

Ruby at the animal shelter in 2013. Photo: Jo Lyons Photography

Message to Rescue

Rescue folk undertake really challenging work for which they deserve all the praise in the world. I realised early on I couldn’t work in a front-line rescue role, or deal with the general public, or cope with the incredible scale of the issues.  Every animal is precious and they should have a place in their own home as cherished members of a family. This is what rescue groups strive to achieve every day.

All credit to the incredible front-line workers in rescue. Please take care of yourselves at least an iota as much as you care for those you are saving. And THANK YOU.


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