Charlie’s Second Chance

You’re never too old to find true love and live the life you deserve.

When elderly dog Charlie was seized from his owner, he was suffering from extreme neglect and on the verge of death.  Inspectors immediately took him to the emergency hospital at RSPCA South Australia, where the vets could not believe Charlie was still alive!  He was so thin and frail that he could barely keep his head up.  Inspector Cheryl said it was the most shocking case of emaciation she had ever seen.

Charlie's prosecution case. Photo supplied by RSPCA Qld.

Charlie’s prosecution case. Photo supplied by RSPCA Qld.

Despite weighing only 6.7kg when he was first seized, within a week Charlie had gained over 2kg, showing that there was no underlying health condition that would hinder his recovery. Slowly but surely, Charlie continued to improve with around-the-clock care from RSPCA South Australia’s veterinary team.  After a few more weeks, it became hard to even recognise him!  Charlie, who was once a frail and struggling dog, was now strong and bright-eyed.  Soon he was looking for a foster home and a beautiful couple names Hannah and Barton stepped up to the plate, wanting to love old Charlie for however long he had left.

“We thought we were giving him somewhere to be comfortable for the rest of his days, we didn’t realise he was a determined boy and would keep going.’’ Hannah said.

“He’s part of the family now.  Seeing what he’d come from to how he is now. It’s amazing, so we’re honoured to be able to make him happy.  He’s a good boy…a real trooper, and everybody who knows Charlie, loves Charlie.”

In addition to his new owners, Charlie also had siblings that loved him, including two cats, ducks and chickens.  Charlie loved the outdoors, food and sleeping on his owner’s bed.  A sweet old man who loved his new chance at life, Charlie lived a happy and peaceful life in his new home.  But, as old Charlie grew very ill, it was with great sadness that his family eventually had to say goodbye.

Charlie was peacefully put to rest by the RSPCA South Australian vet team, in the arms of this foster parents, after enjoying a last meal of his favourite food: a meat pie.  He lived out the last of his days in a way most dogs would be thrilled with – lots of cuddles and the occasional sneaky treat.

“He was more than a foster dog to us,” Hannah said. “He was very much a loved part of our family.  His fighting spirit, willpower and determination was absolutely amazing.  He will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”

Main picture: Hannah and Barton with Charlie. Photo supplied by RSPCA Qld.

First seen in The Biscuit magazine Issue 9, February 2019. Thank you to RSPCA Qld for permission to share this wonderful story. 



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