Blaire and Joe-Joe, NSW

I adopted Joe-Joe from a shelter, where he had landed as a beaten up and very scared street cat. I first saw his photo on the shelter Facebook page, and I knew no one would take him and he would be euthanised. He was an entire male Tom, feral street cat. I wanted to give him a chance.

Joe Joe's Pound Card. Jo Lyons Photography

Joe Joe’s Pound Card. Jo Lyons Photography

It took me 18 months before he let me touch him. His transformation has been amazing. He is a very loved member of the family today along with seven other rescue cats, chickens, rabbits and a 13-year-old deaf Dalmatian – also a rescue.

My intention was to rehome Joe-Joe but he just fitted in and learned to get along with my other cats. He loves my kids and isn’t bothered by visitors, either.

I’ve fostered, rescued, raised and rehabilitated literally hundreds of cats in Sydney and in Wollongong. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about. My children have learnt compassion, patience, and acceptance through this experience. They’ve watched the transformation of many sick and scared animals, and know that every life has value and deserves a chance. 

Message to Rescue

Joe Joe's Pound Photo. Jo Lyons Photography

Joe Joe’s Pound Photo. Jo Lyons Photography

Thank you for your tireless work.  For the emotional strain it puts on yourself and your loved ones.

Continue to be a voice for those who cannot speak. Because every single life you save matters. Every single one of them deserves a chance.



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  1. Dell Marsden

    You are my sort of person thank you very much for helping this little one xoxoxoxo


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