Alec, Ash & Milly, NSW

Alec, Ash and Milly pet adoption story

Ash. Photo: Supplied

We have two rescue cats named Ash and Milly. Ash is two years old and Milly is eight. We found Milly at a vet clinic. She was placed in an esky with her sister and left outside of the vet hospital. Because they were in an esky, the vet staff called Milly’s sister Esky and Milly was known as Moe.  She was fostered by one of the vet nurses there, bottle-fed and she stayed there until we adopted her. The vet recommended we choose Milly because she was good with kids and very placid.

Then six years later, I saw a picture of Ash on an animal rescue shelter Facebook page. When we met Ash, I fell in love with him and knew he was the one because he was full of energy. Ash was rescued after he was found inside a wall cavity on a building site. One of the builders heard him crying and got him out. He was about three weeks old. After he was rescued, he stayed with a rescue carer until he was old enough to be desexed.

Since we adopted both our cats, they have transformed into new animals, they love every moment with us and are extremely grateful that they have a roof over there heads and dinner on their plate.

Alec, Ash and Milly pet adoption story

Milly. Photo: Supplied

Ash always looks out for Milly and she does the same, too. I think rescue cats know they have had a second chance. Ash would have died if he had been left in the wall cavity. They are a part of our family and Mum says when I go to school camp or at a friend’s place overnight, they both play up and behave badly for my Mum. She says it’s because they like the family being together.

Ash and Milly have taught me a lot about animals and particularly about cats. They have taught me that they have feelings and personalities. I would like to be a vet one day and I wonder if that would be the case if I hadn’t grown up with them. They also are good to help me relax because they can be loving and smoochy, and their purrs make me feel calm and relaxed because I know they are happy, too.

Message to rescue

Rescue group carers, staff, and volunteers who work so hard to take care of the unwanted animals. It definitely makes a difference when the animal feels loved and is in a good home. I say to the carers that you work so hard and it seriously benefits the animals. All of you do such good things for those animals and you should keep going and just know how much the community loves you because you take care of animals in need.



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