Pet Adoption Stories

The Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 is about celebrating rescue and recognising your achievements in rehabilitating and rehoming companion animals in a loving home. We share a few stories of Aussie families who have adopted a pet.

Sarah and Sandy, WA

I found Sandy at a pound and fell in love with her instantly. She was absolutely petrified and knew I just had to help her. I went to visit her twice and was very disheartened on the second visit to see how she had changed in under a week. On the first visit Sandy had...

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Rachael and Monty, Manau & Romeo, TAS

We adopted Monty, Manau and Romeo from a cat shelter about eight years ago.  They were surrenders rather than strays. We kept all their adoptive names. We actually don’t know how to pronounce Manau, so he’s ‘Manu’, like the MKR (TV show) judge to us! The year we...

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Dr Joanne Righetti and Wildfire, NSW

I spotted Wildfire (he had a different name then) on a shelter’s Facebook page and he sounded like a good fit for our family. We went to meet him and knew immediately that he was the cat for us! The shelter staff were so pleased when we chose him as he had been...

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Robyn Fabiano, Bob and Blu, NSW

I decided to adopt a dog because I was going through a personally difficult period, and was not getting dressed or leaving the house.  Whilst I was watching videos of the Cruft’s Agility runs, I was so inspired and fell in love with the idea of learning agility with a...

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Emlyn and Ruby, NSW

I was asked to foster Ruby after my first foster hound Benson was adopted. Ruby had the ignominious tag of another possibly difficult hound - separation distress leading to wondrous escapes!  After meeting Ruby for the first time I said to my mum on the phone, “It's...

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Russ, Lucy and Floyd, NSW

After first learning about pets needing a new home, it made sense to adopt when I decided the time was right for me to get a dog. I found Lucy and Floyd on a rescue website about eight years ago and went to meet them at the home of a foster-carer. Among a litter of...

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Brittany & Gretel, NSW

Gretel is five years old. I adopted her five months ago from a shelter. Gretel’s background is one of life’s biggest mysteries to me. Her kind nature made us feel like she had come from a loving family, even though she was found as a stray. Physically, her body looked...

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