Pet Adoption & Foster Stories

Keep the tissues handy when you read inspiring and heartwarming stories of pet adoption and fostering from all over Australia.

The story of Pumba

On 21 May 2018, Pumba was brought in to the Shire of Campaspe Animal Shelter by the community ranger.  When he arrived, he was a terrified, severely emaciated dog with mild dehydration and loose faeces attached to material and plastic hanging out of his anus.  Poor...

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Dr Katrina and Riley, NSW

I am Dr Katrina Warren, media vet. I met Riley in 2011, a year to the day that my beloved Border Collie, Toby, had passed away. Riley, a Golden Retriever, came to me as a foster from a rescue group that I had worked with. It was meant to be a short-term foster, but he...

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Karel and Ralph, WA

After losing our beautiful Beagle Louie to a brain tumour, our dear old Rotti x, Jewely, was beside herself so I started checking online for older Beagles and came across Floyd on Gumtree. I had an instant connection. My husband didn’t want another dog as the pain...

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Birte Zittlau, Ellie and Joey, VIC

We found Ellie and Joey online and fell in love with them just by looking at their pictures! They were both too cute and loving with their wagging tails to not take them home. Ellie was surrendered by an elderly lady who fell ill and was unable to take care of her any...

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Anne and Hero, NSW

Hero was brought into a shelter at eight weeks of age, badly injured and needing immediate surgery. His front leg had severe nerve damage and needed amputation.   Hero was thrown from a car and picked up by some kids who saved some money, named him ‘Shadow’ and...

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Alec, Ash & Milly, NSW

We have two rescue cats named Ash and Milly. Ash is two years old and Milly is eight. We found Milly at a vet clinic. She was placed in an esky with her sister and left outside of the vet hospital. Because they were in an esky, the vet staff called Milly's sister Esky...

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Ben and Olivia, NSW

I am a long-time volunteer of Sydney Wildlife and about 10 years ago, one of our fellow wildlife rescuers was called out to relocate a ‘very large’ snake from someone’s living room in Sydney. Upon arrival at the house, they quickly realised this was not a local...

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Jo, Wol, Izzy, Spud and Daisy, NSW

Spud, Izzy (Isadora) and Daisy are all rescue bunnies who came into our lives to teach us important lessons about love and acceptance. My partner Wol and I had only just moved to the South Coast with our chooks and our litter of baby bunnies when we rescued Daisy...

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Joanna and Merlin & Daisy, VIC

Merlin and Daisy are eight years old. I adopted them together from a rabbit sanctuary when they were about eight months old. I’ve always had bunnies in the UK and wanted to help out the charity by giving these little guys a loving home. I don’t know about their...

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Blaire and Joe-Joe, NSW

I adopted Joe-Joe from a shelter, where he had landed as a beaten up and very scared street cat. I first saw his photo on the shelter Facebook page, and I knew no one would take him and he would be euthanised. He was an entire male Tom, feral street cat. I wanted to...

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Emlyn and Wolfgang, NSW

I adopted Wolfgang, a female canary, a few years ago. I thought she was a boy, hence the name. The little bird was being attacked by a coalition of noisy mynas when she was rescued by an animal rescue person. Despite being terrified of the noisy mynas when she first...

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Sarah and Chester, WA

Chester came to me as an emergency foster as he had nowhere to go. He had been at the pound and taken on by a rescue group as a foster. He was on trial for adoption with a family when it came to light that he did not like cats (he had tried to bite off a cat’s tail!)...

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