Outstanding Rescue Group 2018 Winner

Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE)

Congratulations SAFE!

SAFE are very deserving winners of the inaugural Outstanding Rescue Group Award.  SAFE’s significant growth from one individual’s passion to assist pets in her community, to becoming Western Australia’s largest foster care based rescue group, is a testament to the organisation’s progressive and compassionate nature.

SAFE has created a professional and sustainable rescue and rehoming model that works effectively across multiple locations, adjusting to meet the unique needs of each community they operate in.

Their ability to unite and empower compassionate pet-loving volunteers who want to help in a positive way to provide in-home foster care has created a strong organisation that isn’t reliant on a single person but pulls together a community.

About SAFE

SAFE is Western Australia’s largest animal rescue organisation using the foster care model. Founded in 2003, they currently have 12 branches state-wide and have successfully rehomed more than 23,000 homeless animals. They utilise a dedicated team of volunteers ensuring an exceptional level of care for our rescue animals and a highly effective financial model. They are aligned with a wide network of Australia’s most respected welfare organisations and are the West Australian arm of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).

Although their core focus is on animals, their largest impact is on the communities in which they work. They are helping people find companionship by connecting them with a pet who needs them. They are also helping to reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals by strongly advocating for animal desexing.


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