Get inspired to enter the INNOVATION IN RESCUE award

Are you an innovative…rescue group or animal shelter or council animal shelter or a veterinary clinic or a companion animal support organisation or an individual who is doing something different to reduce animal surrender and improve animal welfare?

If your answer is YES, then you must enter Category 5, ‘Innovation in Rescue’!  Get inspired and check out our 2018 winner of this Award, Safe Pets Safe Families.

This category has opened up to not only innovative rehoming organisations but also individuals and support organisations who are doing things within and beyond the shelter.

Examples of Innovation

Here are just a few examples of initiatives you may have undertaken.

  • Introduced a new payment method that helps low-income families to pay for their adopted pet over a period of time.
  • Implemented a de-sexing program to address a high number of unwanted kittens
  • Collaborated with veterinarians to provide affordable vet care
  • Rehome kittens from your veterinary clinic
  • Source and provide donated products and services to support rescue groups and animal shelters
  • Provide training to address animal behaviour issues at your shelter
  • Improved the way your organisation conducts behaviour assessments
  • Implemented health management protocols to reduce canine parvovirus/other infectious diseases
  • Taken steps to increase reclaims
  • Provided information for the community about missing cat and dog behaviour
  • Improved your customer service to ensure all enquiries are handled within a certain time frame
  • Changed the way your organisation provide enrichment for animals in your care
  • Improved the process of matching potential adopters and animals
  • Collaborated with the commercial pet industry to provide free or low-cost animal products and services for foster carers and low-income families who have adopted a pet
  • Changed the way you train your staff and volunteers
  • Introduced a special offer for hard to adopt pets such as seniors
  • Implemented a new way of marketing and fundraising to ensure the longevity of your organisation

Entry is by self-nomination.  The person submitting the nomination should be a manager or senior employee/volunteer who has sufficient knowledge of its operations.

Helpful Hints

#1  Identify why your organisation introduced the initiative.

#2  Include the specific goals and measures you put in place for your program.

#3 Simply explain the methods/policies and processes

#4 Briefly cover the key outcomes/impact of your initiative including any challenges you had to overcome. Explain how your program impacted on animal welfare outcomes in relation to your program’s specific goals.

#5 Explain how this initiative fits within the overall operations and strategic direction of your organisation.

So, get started and submit a self-nomination for Category 5, Innovation in Rescue.

Enter Now!

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    I strongly would reccomend the little group I’ve fostered dogs for about six years now called Chally Animal Rescue for an award.

    It was initially run solely by a young mother who took on a second job just to fund her rescue. Now, we have a lovely president, dedicated carers and are applying for charitable status.

    The iniatives that we’ve set up in our regional area are possibly things that will be used across the world.
    We are in the process of organising a Matching People With Pets Program.
    This is in organisation with several disability support agencies in Bendigo with the intention that marginalised, socially isolated and/or people with disabilities can get a pet to improve their health outcomes with little or no cost to them as they will have mentors about caring for a pet and a local vet clinic has agreed to offer discount care for pets in this program.

    We’ve already matched a dog with an autistic young man and found he’s reached out into the world and talking to people about his dog when he basically never left his home before.
    Now, he walks his dog every day, attends a local dog park and is less isolated because of owning a dog.

    This is something our program is intended for- we can, of course like any rescue group just take in dogs and cats, send them to foster carers like myself and then wait until we get a good application for that pet.

    Instead, we want to actually get people who really need a pet to be able to afford and care for them and we can help with that. There’s a lot of evidence that owning and caring for a pet is great for mental health- as all studies have proven.

    The other thing that Chally does is that we have a program where we will take in litters of kittens for care, desex the mother and then regularly follow up with the cat owner to ensure best practice of animal care.

    Please consider my words.
    I’m a very committed foster carer and my speciality is rehabilitating very traumatised and abused dogs.

    I could send you photos of the mastiff x girl I had who was chained so much that her chain grew into her neck.
    The many months I spent to let her know she could be stroked instead of hit, and be inside a house was a chore that I don’t regret as she’s now a very loved girl.

    I do think Chally Animal Rescue should be prominent or win this award. We do so much with so little as it’s our passion.

    • Cathy Beer

      Thank you for your interest in the Jetpets Rescue AWards 2018. Chally Animal Rescue is very welcome to enter the awards to recognise their achievements and shine the light on one of their volunteers. Chally Animal Rescue would need to submit a self-nomination to enter the awards via Submit an Entry on the awards website. Please contact me directly at with the name and contact details for Chally and I will encourage them to enter. Kind regards, Cathy, Founder of the awards


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