Shine the light on your outstanding volunteer

Do you have an outstanding volunteer at your rehoming organisation?

It’s time to shine the light on your hard-working volunteer who has made a difference to the animals in your care.  The Volunteer of the Year 2018 award is for an exceptional individual who volunteers at a not for profit Rescue Group or Animal Shelter or a Council run Animal Shelter/Pound.

The volunteer must reside in Australia and be 18 years or over. A self-nomination by the volunteer will be ineligible. The nominator and the nominee (volunteer) must have been working at the rehoming organisation for 12 months as at 1st of July 2018.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to submit your nomination, entries close 31st August 2018!

Judging criteria

  1. Motivation –  Explain the reasons the volunteer joined your organisation. Describe the role of the volunteer, including the length of time the individual has worked at your organisation.
  2. Challenges – Simply describe any challenges the volunteer has conquered and the results achieved.
  3. Collaboration – Illustrate how the volunteer collaborates with others within your rehoming organisation and with other stakeholders, for example, veterinary clinics, rescue groups, pet industry, council and your local community to the benefit of the animals.
  4. Personal contribution – Provide details of how the volunteer has contributed to the improvement of animal welfare at your organisation, for example, provided excellent animal care, improved shelter enrichment, increased pet adoptions, rehabilitated animals as a foster carer, and helped with community education programs.

Supporting information may be submitted as part of your awards entry. This may include photographs, newspaper articles, testimonials, promotional and other material related to your operations. Supporting information forms part of the judging process.


Photo: Official Awards Photographer, Jo Lyons Photography

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