Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018 Finalists!

The Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018 is thrilled to announce the finalists for each category.

“The bar was set very high in the inaugural Companion Animal Rescue Awards,” said Awards Founder Cathy Beer. “We received many outstanding submissions from rehoming organisations. The finalists have demonstrated their ability to not only provide good care for animals but also ensure the sustainability of their people and the organisation for the future.”

Categories 1-6 are for not-for-profit rescue groups and animal shelters, and Council-run animal shelters/pounds.  A maximum of four finalists for each category was selected by the panel of judges.

“In a field of 200 registrations, a total of 89 rescue groups and animal shelters completed a submission, which required answering some challenging questions about their operations and programs,” said Cathy.

Category 7, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal. This category received 428 entries of heart-warming stories about pet adoption and foster care,” she added. 10 finalists were selected by the judges, Dan White of Bayer and Cathy Beer of Pets4Life.


Here are the finalists in alphabetical order for each category.

Outstanding Rescue Group

This is for Rescue Groups also known as Community Foster Care Networks who have made a positive impact on the outcomes of the animals in their care. The finalists are:

Outstanding Animal Shelter

This is for charitable animal shelters who have made a significant impact on the outcomes of the healthy and treatable animals in their care as well as proactively implemented strategies to reduce intake.  The finalists are:

Outstanding Council Animal Shelter

This is for council-run animal shelters/pounds who have made a significant impact on the outcomes of the healthy and treatable animals in their care as well as proactively implemented strategies to reduce intake.  The finalists are:

Innovation in Rescue

This is for rehoming organisations who have made a significant impact from implementing a new program or process to address an issue affecting animal welfare outcomes.  The finalists are:

Community Education and Outreach Program

This is for rehoming organisations who have made a significant impact from implementing a new education or outreach program that changes behaviour and improves animal welfare outcomes in the community. The finalists are:

Volunteer of the Year

This award is for an outstanding individual who volunteers for a Rescue Group, Animal Shelter or Council Animal Shelter/Pound.  The finalists are:

  • Brooke McClymont nominated by Julie Eylward, Banana Shire Council – In 2015, Brooke volunteered to assist with advertising, securing a rescue and removing the animals from the pound and continues to do do. It wasn’t until Banana Shire Council formed a working relationship with Brooke that we saw a significant increase in the numbers of animals rehomed regularly.
  • Frances O’Connell nominated by Richard Mussell, AWL South Australia – Frances provides shelter dogs with socialisation, toy play time, training and general grooming. In addition to her hands-on role, Frances delivers helpful, friendly customer service and information about our animals to possible adopters, and she is confident in reporting issues regarding animal behaviour and health concerns to relevant team members.
  • Jennifer Howard nominated by Robyn Armfield, Safe Pets Safe Families – Jennifer has been at the center, the heart, since inception to build the charity since 2013. Jennifer’s focus was positive change, she drew on her experience of domestic violence and her own strength.
  • Wendy Cook nominated by Kim Ebbage, Far South Coast Branch – Animal Welfare League – Wendy’s compassion for animals and community led her to become a volunteer foster carer in 2009 and a few years later in 2012, she took up the Welfare Officer volunteer position.

Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award

We received so many wonderful and moving stories from around Australia! Here are our 10 finalists. Click on the name of the companion animal to read their incredible story.  The entrants were asked to nominate a rehoming organisation to receive a prize should their entry win this category.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners for each category will be announced via the Awards Facebook Live Broadcast Event held at Jetpets in Melbourne on Friday, 12th October at 2 pm AEDT.  Please register your online attendance here.

Thank you to our partners for supporting this very special event.  Platinum Rescue Hero Partner, Jetpets is providing the venue, Gold Rescue Partner, Refuel Creative, is running the live broadcast, and Gold Rescue Partner, Ruff Diamonds is producing videos of the winners.

Photo credit: ‘Harry and Ginny’ Jo Lyons Photography





  1. John Stone

    I have read all the stories above but the one about Jersey touched me // I don’t know if you can pass this on to Jannae Jackson, My dog Bodhi #bodhithedawg is a MindDog also and passed his Public Access Test two weeks back ( I am so proud of him ) and yes a rescue dog often rescues the human> Thank you for sharing your story Best Wishes

    • Cathy Beer

      Hi John, the story about Bodhi made it to the short list, almost a finalist. Sorry you missed out. Thanks for submitting an entry. Cathy


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