Canine guest stars at the Winners’ Announcement

This is Sahara!  She’s our canine guest joining in the celebration at the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018 Winners’ Announcement on Friday, 12 October.

Sahara’s dad says she is an amazing little Koolie Kelpie Cross that was saved from death row by Victorian Dog Rescue. She was found abandoned and mistreated, wandering around the bush in Mildura in country Victoria. Without a home to go to, she was taken to the pound. The day before she was due to be put down, she was rescued and adopted by Dave, a passionate animal lover and long-serving Jetpets Pet Handler. Sahara is a much-loved member of Dave’s family, she enjoys life on a rural property with many furry brothers and sisters.

Sahara regularly tours the country to attend Jetpets events, where she enjoys paw-shakes and selfies with visitors. This naturally raises awareness for the plight of rescue animals and illustrates the joy and completeness that a rescue can bring to one’s family.

A service like Jetpets is very unique in being able to safely transport a rescue animal from a shelter to any destination in the country. Quite often a rescue animal’s compatible foster home or family is located interstate, so a service like Jetpets breaks down potential distance barriers, vastly improving their prospects.

Sahara is now 8 and continues to master new tricks, this includes paw shaking, play dead, roll over, wave and a plethora of other cute tricks.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners for each category will be announced via the Awards Facebook live broadcast event held at Jetpets in Melbourne on Friday, 12 October at 2 pm AEDT.

Thank you to our partners for supporting this very special event – Platinum Rescue Hero Partner, Jetpets for the venue, Gold Rescue Partner, Refuel Creative, for the live streaming, and Gold Rescue Partner, Ruff Diamonds for producing videos of the winners.

Photo credit: supplied by Jetpets




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