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Thanks to Ruff Diamonds, our Multimedia and Entertainment Partner, we have a range of short videos created for the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 to help you find out more about the inaugural awards program.

Our Awards Ambassador, Dr Joanne Righetti shares her passion for pet adoption. Our awards Judges: Dr. Anne Fawcett, Tim Vasudeva and Dr. Michael O’Donoghue share their views on what makes a good rehoming organisation.  Plus – Sandy Matheson of Jetpets, our Platinum Rescue Hero Partner, and awards Supporters, Brittany Bloomer of Pound Paws and Shauna Perry of DOGUE lend their support for the inaugural rescue awards.  Don’t miss watching celebrity animal trainer, Peta Clarke demonstrating K9 Nose Work and introducing her rescue cat, ‘Todd River’ to the guests at the awards launch event in June 2018.

Did you see the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 and three pet adoption stories featured on Nine’s TODAY Show? You can watch it below.  Please note the three stories were NOT nominated for an award.

Fast forward to Friday, 12 October 2018 when the winners were announced via a live broadcast event held at Jetpets head office in Melbourne. Check out the 15-second videos of each winner below.



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