Vickie Davy

Co-Founder and joint CEO of PetRescue

I’m passionate about bringing the advantages of the for-profit sector to the NFP world, especially in the use of technology to help drive social change.

I started my career in advertising and marketing, then switched to canine behaviour and animal welfare. In PetRescue, I have an amazing role that actually utilises my completely random skill set for good.

It’s now 14 years since I co-founded PetRescue, in those crazy days before social media and smartphones. I held a firm belief that if we built a website to bring rescue pets online, we’d show Australia just how amazing rescue pets are and people would adopt them.

Fast-forward to 2019, and with over 6 million visits in the last 12 months, the PetRescue website has become the first connection between thousands of homeless pets and a new family.

Still focused on the single-minded goal of seeing an end to the killing of Australia’s homeless pets, my role at PetRescue is both operational and strategic. I work with corporates, academics and community rescue groups to create and run programs that create genuine impact.

I believe in driving innovation to grow capacity. I’m passionate about creating jobs to attract fresh talent to the animal welfare sector – giving gifted individuals an environment where they have the opportunity to apply their skills and share their knowledge to bring positive change.

Over the past decade, I’ve connected with more than 1,500 individual rescue organisations. And among them are some truly outstanding and progressive organisations that not only care deeply for animals, but also treat people with respect and understanding. These are the rescue organisations that, regardless of their size or location, refuse to accept the status quo and continue to find new ways to reach the public with a positive adoption message.

And so, it’s an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the very best in our sector by being part of the inaugural Companion Animal Rescue Awards.

I’m a Delta qualified behavioural trainer with a special interest in anxiety and related aggression. Prior to PetRescue I ran my own behavioural training business and worked in canine behaviour at RSPCA shelters in three states.

I currently live in Melbourne with my husband, young daughter, two very senior dogs and a parade of foster kittens.

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