Vickie Davy

Co-Founder and joint CEO of PetRescue

Vix has her eyes firmly fixed on a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. Her focus – the single-minded goal of seeing an end to the killing of Australia’s homeless pets.

Vix has been leading the PetRescue team along with PetRescue co-founder JB since 2004. She works with corporates, academics and community rescue groups to create and run programs that create genuine impact, transforming the lives of pets and people.

Vix doesn’t just think outside of the box – she will turn that box inside out, make a rocket out of it and launch it into the stratosphere in the pursuit of a safer, happier future for rescue pets. Status quo be damned.

Vix is passionate about bringing the advantages of the for-profit sector to the NFP world, especially in the use of technology to help drive social change, driving innovation to grow capacity, and creating jobs to attract fresh talent to the animal welfare industry and create positive change.

She’s also a Delta qualified behavioural trainer with a special interest in anxiety and related aggression. Prior to PetRescue, she ran her own behavioural training business and worked in canine behaviour at RSPCA shelters in three states. Vix can spot a dog with whale eye at ten paces and is passionate about creating a low-stress world for pets.

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