Tim Vasudeva

Director of Corporate Affairs, Animals Australia

Tim Vasudeva spent 20 years working in commodities markets, including 10 years with Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie Bank, before several years of volunteering at South Korean animal shelters during his time with Macquarie brought the plight of at-risk animals into sharp focus.

Upon his return to Australia, Tim spent two and a half years volunteering full-time with PetRescue and the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, before he was appointed CEO of Animal Welfare League NSW in 2011 and subsequently CEO of RSPCA South Australia from 2013 to 2017.

Tim joined the Animals Australia team in 2017 in the newly-created role of Director of Corporate Affairs dedicated to developing relationships with banks, super funds, investors, insurers and fund managers with a view to encouraging the incorporation of animal welfare considerations in their lending and investment practices.

Tim lives in Melbourne with his partner Amelia and their three dogs Womble, Ruby (from RSPCA Qld) and Birdie (from RSPCA SA) and their two rescue cats Jethro and Evie (also from RSPCA SA).  Unsurprisingly, Tim ranks seventh in his household’s hierarchy of importance.

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