Sandy Matheson

Jetpets Founder & Managing Director

Jetpets was founded by Sandy Matheson who saw the need for a pet travel agency focused on the safety, comfort and welfare of pets. With an entrenched company culture based on a love of animals, for over 27 years now the team at Jetpets has been reuniting and bringing families together with their furry family members. Sandy appreciates that every animal is special and worthy of a loving home. His own family is only complete with April and Jack, mother and son, whose contrasting personalities bring humour and joy to the family, with April’s sweet and sensitive nature a contrast to Jack’s spirited and sometimes silly antics.

Sandy recognises that a service like Jetpets is very unique in being able to safely transport a rescue animal from a shelter to any destination in the country. Quite often a rescue animal’s compatible foster home or family is located interstate, so a service like Jetpets breaks down potential distance barriers, vastly improving their prospects.

Through a Jetpets and Virgin Australia partnership, a number of like-minded animal welfare organisations are the beneficiaries of an allocation of free flight services. Sandy feels privileged to be able to make a difference, and continue to do so as the Platinum sponsor of the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards.

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