Ryan Jones

Founder and CEO of Refuel Creative

​Ryan Jones is the founder and CEO of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years’ experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant and Google Ads specialist.

Ryan is a Certified AdWords Specialist and holds a Bachelor of Management in Marketing. His studies alongside his extensive national and international marketing experience, from export clients to local businesses, affords him as a leader in online marketing.

For as long as he can remember, Ryan has had a passion for all things digital. From pulling apart the VCR as a kid, Ryan started his first business at age 12 – building websites for local businesses. It wasn’t until his secondary school design studies that Ryan realised the potential of his technology skills in an emerging digital world.

When he finished secondary school, Ryan started a double degree in Computer Systems Engineering and Management (Marketing) at the University of South Australia. While this may seem an odd combination, to Ryan it was natural. He believed businesses would see the end of the ‘digital strategy’ as being treated as a novelty and technology would become an essential part of the business and marketing mix.

Ryan and his partner Samantha are also proud pet parents of two dogs that break hearts and take names wherever they go. Atari is a husky cross with epilepsy that they’ve had since he was just a pup. Daisy is a husky that was adopted through Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia, who has been converted from a scared, untrusting dog to a certified cuddle addict.

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