Mel Hutchinson

Marketing Associate - Companion & Farm Animal Products

Mel Hutchinson works for Elanco across Companion Animal & Farm Animal as a Marketing Associate. Working across a number of portfolio’s managing design, artwork, and projects for a variety of campaigns and promotions. Ensuring things are executed in a seamless timely manner across the sales and marketing team.

Mel’s soft spot for unwanted animals started at an early age as she ended up with a mini animal zoo in her backyard by the age of 8yrs. Acquiring a mixture of rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, dogs & cats (some from rescue centres, pound, domestic strays, or alike).  

At her peak, she looked after and created a home for 26 Guinea Pigs after starting with 8. Then to quickly discover they breed very very rapidly …. and before she knew it, she had a  whole tribe.

She has many fond memories of taking her favourite Guinea Pig “Cabbage” away holidays along with her 10 babies. She became the most popular kid at the campsite at feeding time when over 15 neighbourhood kids would gather to help feed the baby Guinea Pigs with a dropper bottle due to the mother’s milk drying up and having an infection in her milk ducts.

Mel loves to dance, being active, and thrives when she is out in nature and outdoors. She loves camping, swimming in the ocean, and is super passionate about travel and enjoys meeting different people from a range if different cultures and backgrounds.


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