John Kim

Founder and CEO of Silverquest Consulting, Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) board member

John Kim is the founder and CEO of Silverquest Consulting, based in Sydney. For sixteen years he has led a team of exceptional technologists to serve and provide software solutions to a broad spectrum of customers, including large enterprise companies such as Westpac, AMP, Cochlear, Atlassian, Flexigroup.

John is dedicated to ensuring that his team develops an intricate knowledge of each customer’s unique needs to produce a high-quality customised response for every solution. He has built exceptional industry trust in the areas of custom-built software, specialising in Cloud apps, mobile apps, and digital marketing software.

It is John’s meticulous nature toward building excellence that has awarded him a place on the Board of Directors of both the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and Embassy Church in his local community. He serves as Resident Digital and Technology Advocate for the AMI and brings his general business acronym to the organisation of Embassy.

John vehemently believes that making connections with people is vital in making a difference, whether in a business sense or regarding community need. This sentiment is what motivates him to put on his barista ‘hat’ and serve coffee to church attendees and curious community members every Sunday morning. Often, he is the first point of call for those who need compassion through difficult life circumstances. It is John’s heart for community well-being and his propensity to build solid community connections that have led to long-term partnerships with local businesses in providing food hampers and gifts for needy families at crucial times of the year.

John and his wife, Jacinta, are the proud parents of four teenage sons. His family is currently coming to terms with heartbreak after very recently losing their much-loved British Bulldog, Roxy, Although only four and a half, she sadly succumbed to heart failure.


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