Brittany Bloomer

Founder of Pound Paws

Brittany Bloomer is the Founder of Pound Paws, an Australian based charity on a mission to reduce the number of pets on death row in Australia.  She started Pound Paws as a hobby in high school, after discovering the shocking number of happy and healthy pets which are euthanised each year in Australia. In 2015, Pound Paws was registered as a charity, which allowed Brittany to further her mission, in raising awareness about pet adoption and reducing the number of pets in pounds & rescue centres.

Pound Paws provides a modern approach to the overall re-homing process of pets in Australian pounds & rescue centres. It is nationally recognised for it’s dog adoption events which take place each month in different areas. Other services, include; an online search engine which allows users to search by breed, as well as viral marketing campaigns and activations to further educate and raise awareness about #ADOPTDONTSHOP. 

Brittany regularly represents Animal Welfare, by appearances on television shows, (The Living Room, Sky News etc), as well as online media outlets to further raise awareness about pet adoption in Australia.

Brittany is the rescue-mum to Gretel, an English Staffy (pictured), who she adopted through Pound Paws, at Blacktown Pound. Gretel was brought into her life, just weeks before the passing of her 15 year old sausage dog, Hansel (who was both blind and deaf). The period of grieving, was a terribly difficult time, however with the companionship of Gretel, she felt supported. It was very special, to not have to return home to an empty and quiet place, Gretel was always there to greet her with a wagging’ tail and cuddle up! They shared an unspoken bond, which carries on to this day.

Through her work with re-homing animals, she has recognised the strong link between human and dog. It’s not just the dog that is getting rescued from the shelter, it is the human too, with most re-home cases aiding various different complications, whether it be grieving, depression, loneliness of companionship. 

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