Annette Hughes

Publisher at Where Pets Are Found, Rescue Volunteer and Integrated Marketing Consultant

Annette has 16 years hands on experience in companion animal rescue and rehoming, and 25 years of technology marketing expertise, which inspired her to establish a global social media service, Where Pets Are Found, for lost, found and adoptable pets a decade ago.

Annette is a ‘pioneer’ marketer in the internet industry, having worked at the world’s largest media and technology companies across Australia, Asia and Europe.  She has lead digital marketing innovation for some of North America and Scandinavia’s top brands.  She might think globally, but Annette acts locally where she is a volunteer coordinator for community outreach at one of Sydney’s largest rescue shelters, and a supporter of ChipBlitz nationally.

In the founding year of the Companion Animal Rescue Awards, Annette drove our social media strategy and managed our online communities. Her knowledge of the Australian pet rescue sector, and integrated marketing experience, means she is well placed to join us as a judge in 2020.

Annette has enjoyed the companionship of pets all her life; from mice and parrots to dogs and cats.  Also interested in wildlife and conservation, she is an active citizen scientist in the Wingtags project.

Annette shares her home & garden with a variety of native birds; as well as Finn the Rescue Dog and Betty the Burmese Cat who have a larger social media following than she does!  Finn was saved from death row at Blacktown Pound only to become a ‘foster fail’, and Betty meows about less than favourable breeding situations.  Together they advocate for responsible pet ownership – Finn & Betty are a constant reminder that Annette’s advocacy for microchips, pet ID, desexing/TNR and adoption is time well spent.

I’m very fortunate to have had three of my passions intersect – internet technology, targeted geo-marketing and animal welfare – to help people find their pets, and minimise the number of pets in pounds and shelters.


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