Innovation in Rescue 2018 Winner

Safe Pets Safe Families

Congratulations Safe Pets Safe Families!

Safe Pets Safe Families is a registered charity program servicing the South Australian community and currently expanding into Tasmania offering front line crisis foster care.

The focus is on reuniting people with their pets once the crisis has passed.  The organisation started in 2013 by Jennifer Howard, in South Australia and it now has over 200 volunteers and foster carers.  They quickly realised that support was needed in more areas then domestic violence alone. As a response, Safe Pets Safe Families expanded its scope in order to service people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues and medical illness requiring hospital treatment where there is no other supports or financial means to take care of pets.

Safe Pets Safe Families have demonstrated their ability to be innovative and responsive to the needs of the community by providing a critical service for vulnerable families.

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