Sass & Rachel (NSW)


Sass came to me at a really difficult time in my life – I was struggling with PTSD and in and out of hospital, trying to find a reason to stay alive.  Sass was three weeks old, a tiny demanding bundle of fierce personality. I woke every two hours to bottle-fed her, play with her, and rescue my other cat from her incessant pouncing.  The second night, she got sick – really sick. I rushed her to emergency at midnight, and they told me she was unlikely to survive. I took her home and nursed her, begging her to hang in there, telling her I loved her and that she mattered – she wasn’t allowed to die. By 6 am, she was meowing indignantly and batting at the bottle, unhappy with the rationed amount of formula the hospital had put her on. She survived, flourished, and went to an amazing adoptive home, to a man who had just lost his 16-year-old cat. She became his new best friend.  Through Sass, I found my purpose. I went to TAFE, became a vet nurse, and I’m now up to foster kitten #78. But Sass has a special place in my heart.

Rachel’s nominated rescue organisation is Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.



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