Ozzy & Deanne (NSW)

Poor old man Ozzy (9.5years old).  Needed a safe place to go as he was in a domestic violence issue. So I put my hand up and said he needs to come live with me and Daisy. He needs peace and love in his retirement years.  So he now gets to live out his senior years now with the love of his life Daisy my other bunny they have their very own room but are free to go wherever they like and boy has Old man Ozzy come old of his shell. He is in the kitchen all the time for snacks and rings a bell for more food if he thinks he hasn’t had enough. He is my absolute love a sweetheart and a gentleman. Nothing makes your heart more content than doing something for someone (bunny) that can not ever repay you. That’s why I foster care and rescue. I know that I am everything to them. Just because a bunny doesn’t have a voice doesn’t mean you can’t see the joy that you bring to their life’s you can see it in their eyes.

Deanne’s nominated rescue organisation is The Rabbit Sanctuary.



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