Mumma Zura & Christopher (NSW)


This is Zura, the blue American Staffy. She has been affectionately named “Mumma Zura” by the staff at the RSPCA NSW Shelter due to the amazing foster work she does with so many litters of puppies she looks after at our home. We adopted Zura 5 years ago from the RSPCA and we began fostering when she was just over a year old and since then, Mumma Zura has cared for and nurtured over 200 puppies, ranging from pups that needed a break from the shelter due to behavioural issues, to those involved in Court Cases, abuse victims, and even one deaf pup. She’s also looked after 4 kittens too. Whether she’s looking after a litter of scruffy Maltese terriers or two agile huskies, she always gives them the love, care and stern discipline they need to grow into well-behaved, happy and healthy dogs. Sadly, Zura has been through her own challenges. She’s had two major surgeries, including a spinal cord procedure, and is scheduled for 3 more follow up surgeries this coming year. However, she continues to bounce back to be the beautiful Mumma Zura she always has, looking after countless foster pups.

Christopher’s nominated animal shelter is RSPCA NSW.



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