Frank & Andrea (VIC)

Born apparently dead, while I whispered “I love you” ready to let him go, he had a twitch to show he wanted to live instead.
Hydrocephalus with deformities, Frank’s first days were a roller coaster of small achievements and hopeless diagnosis, battling between the natural love and the painful attempt not get attached.  He would not give up, so didn’t I: I built a home-made harness to straighten his walk, a lego cart to move around, cut off furniture pieces to make more room for his explorations.
Frank is unstoppable, always on fabulous adventures. He doesn’t let his condition limit him, there’s no time for self-pity: there are siblings to ambush, flies to chase and songs to be sung.  As Frank’s life is so fragile, I learned to cherish every moment, every new achievement, grateful for the pure gift of having found each other.  I discovered satisfaction blooming from overcoming challenges that seemed insurmountable before. Frank taught me that limits are where you set them: never give up without trying. And then try again. Fear sets our limits but love expands them.  I promise him a life full of love and adventure, enjoying every little step.

Andrea’s nominated rescue organisation is Maneki Neko Cat Rescue.



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