Community Education and Outreach Program 2018 Winner

Congratulations Cat Protection Society NSW!

The Cat Protection Society of NSW (Cat Protection) is a registered charity, caring for cats since 1958. Our vision is that every cat has a loving and responsible home. Our mission is to work with the community at all levels for the mutual benefit of cats, people, and the natural environment.

Cat Protection operate a best-practice no-kill feline shelter; work in partnership with veterinarians to provide community feline health and welfare programs including discounted desexing and vaccination; participate in research and policy about feline health, welfare, and wellbeing; as well as providing information and support to thousands of cat owners each year.

The Good Neighbour Project (Good Neighbour) is a multi-audience, multi-media campaign designed to help cat owners provide the best possible care for their cats while minimising the impact of cat ownership on the local community, including wildlife. A component of Good Neighbour was an education package for veterinarians on early-age desexing surgery

Cat Protection has demonstrated in Good Neighbour their commitment to cat owners and the broader community. In 2018, Cat Protection developed factsheets on cat welfare which were professionally translated into Hindi, Arabic, and Vietnamese (they already had a factsheet in Simplified Chinese). They wrote to every NSW MP’s electorate office about Good Neighbour and emailed every electorate office with links to the translated factsheets.

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