Community Education and Outreach Program 2018 Winner

Cat Protection Society NSW's Good Neighbour Project

Congratulations Cat Protection Society NSW!

The Good Neighbour Project launched on 9 December 2016 in Bathurst by the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Paul Toole MP.  The Good Neighbour Project has been created by Cat Protection to promote socially and environmentally responsible cat care: “Being a responsible cat owner means ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of your cat as well as protecting the local fauna and neighbourhood amenity. Put simply, it means being a good neighbour.”

The Good Neighbour Project includes a factsheet on how to keep indoor cats happy, healthy, and, importantly, occupied.  It also includes factsheets on adapting cats to curfews and building cat-proof enclosures, a video on the benefits of early-age desexing, and a training package for veterinarians.

The Good Neighbour Project is a multi-media campaign providing a number of resources which can be found here as well as on our brand new website for people working with cats – such as vet clinics, shelters, pounds and rescue group:

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