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Wolf & Kate (NSW)


Our big boy Wolf was one year old when we adopted him. Being a Maremma, he’s not your typical pet dog breed.  We were his fifth home. He was challenging. He nipped my mum on the bum, peed on the carpet, lunged at anyone on a phone, and wanted to chase runners. He even peed on people in the park!  I got help from a behaviourist.  Four years on, he is an amazing cuddle bug and protector. Patient with babies and old people, affectionate and loving, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful member of the family. We foster abandoned cats and he is unbelievably gentle with the kittens. He has accompanied people in ambulances and into hospital. A born protector of the vulnerable, he works in a high school as the ‘counsellor’. Wolf will go into a room, walk silently around, and then settle down next to the child who needs help. Sometimes they need a big Maremma hug, other times they need to talk. In more than one case he has alerted us to save the life of a kid who was suicidal. We cannot imagine life without this beautiful, intelligent, and loving big bundle of floof.

Kate’s nominated rescue organisation is Dog Rescue Newcastle.



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  1. Pat

    A wonderful account of a beautiful animal who was fortunate to go to a beautiful loving family.


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