WH Rowe & Carolyn (VIC)

WH Rowe arrived as a severely malnourished horse, who needed to be lifted up by our tractor, twice in the first three weeks of care. I fell for her the first day I met her, and she is the first horse I have adopted in over 90 that we have taken in. She chose me to trust, and whickers every time she sees me, keen for her “scritchy scratches” on her neck. She has me wrapped around her little hoof, and I would do anything for her. she is naughty for the farrier, but I think she has the strongest will to survive, and has “spunk”! I am honoured that she has chosen me, and as I lose weight, I hope she and I will have a riding career ahead. I never thought I would find another soul horse in my lifetime, but I have. I have even dreamt she needed water one night, and turns out that her water buckets were empty! You can’t buy that sort of relationship. I am so incredibly lucky to have found her. She was named WH, after Dr Claire Rowe, who gave her the chance to live, sending her to us.

Carolyn’s nominated rescue organisation is The Winged Horse Equine Welfare



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