Olive & Eliza (ACT)

During the COVID crisis, Olive was found as a tiny kitten who had been dumped in a Bunnings warehouse carpark and was hiding in a bag of McDonalds chips. She was bought into the clinic with severe herpes virus causing major trauma to both her eyeballs. For three weeks I nursed her providing hourly eye drops, pain relief, and medications to help her overcome the virus and attempt to save her eyes. Sadly after a few weeks, one of the badly damaged eyeballs ruptured and the decision was made to surgically remove both her eyes. Under anaesthetic it was obvious Olive would never have been able to see so if anything her quality of life would be improved without the badly inflammed eyeballs.  The following day after her surgery she was already chasing her toys and playing like a normal kitten. She surprised everyone with her ability to pounce on toys that don’t even have a bell or make any noise! She is the smoochiest kitten you will ever meet and her best friend in the world is her 2 year old human brother.

Eliza’s nominated vet clinic is Vets At Amaroo.




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