Maggie & Virginia (NSW)

At the tender age of about 4 months, our Maggie made the news in our local newspaper describing a horror story that was unspeakable. This precious puppy was tied to the back of a car and dragged through suburban streets of the NSW Central Coast and then left bloodied and badly injured at a local waste disposal depot to succumb to her fate.  Fortunately, she was discovered by a depot employee who thankfully reported her discovery, and her injured and battered body delivered to our neighbouring Veterinary Clinic, saving her very precious life.  With very little calcium in her malnourished body and coping with a serious mange condition as well as her horrendous injuries, this awesome being not only survived outrageous odds but did more than that……she flourished.  Maggie’s exuberance for life was with a joy that is rarely experienced, especially after the most traumatic of starts!  With her cheerfulness and loving personality, Maggie started something very magical and became our inspiration for further adoptions, finding homes for other such innocent deserving beings and helping people to begin their healing through their connection with our rescue animals. Thanks to Maggie our Maggies Farm Wellness & Educational Sanctuary was born.

Virginia’s nominated vet clinic is Greenpoint Veterinary Clinic.



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