Georgie and Daphne & Joanne (SA)

I fell in love with greyhounds after finding a very sick Greyhound on a lonely stretch of road. Long story short, fell in love with Chilli, paid the vet bills, and took him home. Since then I have had 3 adopted greyhounds. I own a winery in the Barossa Valley and call my wine label, Levrier – French for greyhound. All of our labels feature a greyhound and proceeds from my wine sales go to GAP. The girls come “work” at the winery every day, they are our ambassadors and regular “helpers” at the Cellardoor Fest in Adelaide. The girls educate people with their selfless love and gentle beautiful nature and show the public the benefits of adopting a Greyhound. We have GAP brochures also available so that people can read further about this great breed. For my staff, they are great companions and work for treats. Our visitors to the winery love coming to the office and are welcomed by Georgie and Daphne. Both girls when they arrived from the GAP programme quickly settled in and demand to come to work every day. I could not imagine life without my greyhounds, I think I was meant to find Chilli.

Joanne’s nominated rescue organisation is GAP South Australia.



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