Amos & Leonie (NSW)

March 2017 and Nowra was flooded. Staff at the Ex Serviceman’s club spotted and heard a tiny, distressed kitten. Saturated and terrified, when pulled from his hideout his rescuers discovered his back leg hanging by a thread. When Sth Nowra Veterinary Hospital opened the next morning The choice was finding a foster Carer and amputate his leg, or euthanasia. I was notified and I didn’t hesitate to foster him. I picked up a sweet, but filthy little guy around 5-6 weeks, with a massive scar and stitches where his leg used to be. We named him Amos, meaning brave. His fur wasn’t brown as first thought , but the most beautiful black and white. His recovery was incredible, spoiled, and cared for by family and the other fosters in my care. I was sure I could give him up but when the time came I became another foster failure and adopted him myself. He has grown into a loving, cheekiest, little rascal ever. The best climber, the fastest runner, his fluffy tail acts like a stabiliser. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is a lesson of personal achievement.

Leonie’s nominated animal shelter is AWL NSW Nowra Jervis Bay.



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